BI Strategy Assessment

BuzzClan professionals provide oversight and guidelines to define Corporate BI strategy and assess BI implementation against corporate Vision and Objectives for existing implementations.

BI Strategy Assessment
The BI Strategy Assessment is review of existing BI deployment and it's alignment with the organization's BI vision and objectives. The assessment process holds a series of workshops and interview sessions, and surveys with various stakeholders of the BI solution to understand current user satisfaction, physical implementation, future expectations, technical challenges and solution scalability.

Components that affect the success of business intelligence implementations include: metadata, data integration, data quality, data modeling, analytics, centralized metrics management, presentations (reports and dashboards), portals, collaboration, knowledge management and master data management. The strategy should define the architecture for all layers of the business intelligence stack.

The strategy Assessment is based on workshops utilizing BuzzClan's workshop approach.


  • * High level BI Roadmap.
  • * Data Governance.
  • * Metrics needs analysis.
  • * Technical Architecture analysis.
  • * Deployment review and gap analysis.
  • * Reporting requirement review and current gap analysis.


The scope of BI should include making the best use of information to help business with long-term planning, help middle management with tactical reporting and help operations with day-to-day decision-making to run the business efficiently. BI is all about providing people with the information they need to do their jobs more effectively. A wide range of BI services needs to be provided to meet a variety of requirements. Scope should always account for changing business requirements to keep the BI strategy aligned with business.

  • * Assessment of current state, BI Roadmap and deployment strategy.
  • * Recommendations for Data Stewardship program.


Time lines provided below are guidelines developed based on our field deployment experience. Actual assessment time will depend on various influencing actors such as complexity of the Model, Data access and Data consumption mechanism etc.


  • * One full time BuzzClan solution Architect
  • * Customer Participant
    • - Business stakeholders
    • - IT Managers/Architects
    • - Business Domain Analysts/Experts
    • - Developers

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